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- A Study on Automatic Smart Lifelog Generation and Management (2013.11 ~ 2016.10 / Funded by NRF)

Based on various sense data from smart devices and easily available sensory devices, user activity log data and tag information of consumed contents, in this study, we aim to develop methods for (i) recognizing human behavior and context information accurately and creating their lifelog in a unified way, (ii) implementing indexing and managing schemes for their effective retrieval and utilization, and (iii) developing intuitive and convenient user interface and query processing scheme for lifelog.

- An Analysis of obstacle factors on the Implementation of Privacy Oriented Smart Glass Services and the Design of Core Protection Technical Policy (2013.09 ~ 2014.08 / Funded by NRF)


- Music Retrieval and Recommendation
- Topic Detection, Tracking and Trend Analysis for Social Media


2015 (1st Semester) : Data Structure, Fundamental in C Programming (1)

(( Courses Taught ))

2014 (2nd Semester) : Fundamental in C Programming (2), Software Design
         (1st Semester) : Data Structure, Game Programming (1)

2013 (2nd Semester) : Software Design, Web Programming
         (1st Semester) : Calculus

2012 (2nd Semester) : C Programming, Artificial Intelligence,
                                   Unix System
         (1st Semester) : Artificial Intelligence, Unix System

2011 (1st Semester) : Web authoring

2010 (2nd Semester) : Advanced web programming

2008 (1st Semester) : E-business programming, C programming,
                                  Web programming and application

2007 (2nd Semester) : Computer programming, Web authoring
         (1st Semester) : Computer programming

2006 (2nd Semester) : Computer programming
         (1st Semester) : Computer programming, Web authoring

2005 (2nd Semester) : Information Engineering, Web authoring
         (1st Semester) : Web authoring

2004 (2nd Semester) : Web authoring